Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Why reporting is essentioal than laws

Reports can bring the facts merge with human needs which creates fair environment for the civilians as well as governments also who seeks beneficial relationship that could develop by only through fair communications, and hiding the facts are making life miserable to those who seeks transparency. This means conducting in depth research, looking at public records, doing extensive interviews, as well as checking and rechecking of facts before publication. Whether print or television, reporting means about crimes, unfair practices, injustice, as well as other human interest aspects like environment, disease,money laundering and so on.

So the reporters skill is such kind of skill that a detective uses and the researcher practices and as well as the lawyer deserves for his expertize not to mention necessary he is highly ethical but also reasonable and rational and fully beware of risks publishing the facts against the scruple man or organization and as well as government official also, a reporter is a worshiper of holy humankind

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