Wednesday, 27 April 2011

why leader's needed in human life.

leaders are people who are effective in what they do, are respected by others, and typically rewarded for those skills in a variety of ways, we first see leadership as desirable and important. look up to people around us that motivate and listen to us; people that seem like "real-life" heroes. We consider these people leaders.who have desirable traits and play roles we admire so why we follow leaders.

All of these experiences and thoughts help us define why leadership matters – it matters because leaders make a difference and can shape the future. It matters because leaders are valued and valuable. In everyone's mind leadership, especially when it is good, matters.

A leader is a person who sees something that needs to be done, knows that they can help make it happen, and gets started, sees opportunity and captures it,  sees a future that can be different and better, and helps others see that picture too. leader is a coach, an encourager.

A leader is willing to take risks today for something better tomorrow, he is a great learner, communicator, excellent coordinator, very good listener, letting people's view in good track day by day,A leader motivates and inspirer, who know how to value the results,leader cares about those who are following her lead.

Leaders can be great with different innate characteristics as well.Leaders are leaders because they lead,but there is no single small skill set that defines the perfect leader or guarantees success.Everyone is born with a unique set of natural abilities. And all of us can develop skills and styles to complement those natural abilities.

Leadership is about potential – your potential.your idea, that unique part that no one can share without you
so why leader ship is necessary.

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