Monday, 12 March 2012

Education is the key to success

Education is the most essential step towards success, its creator and evaluator. There is no development without education and we can see the truth of this statement nowadays. Countries of Euro Union, the USA, China and Japan and many others that are considered post-industrial, know the value of education and their development is very high due to the level of education in each country. Exhausted by wars, revolutions and other acts of violence, countries of the third world do not have the possibility to develop because every other effort made to get out of the gutter of the world unity is met by rebellions and another wave of violence. The "Powder Keg" of the world, the region Gaza is the hottest spot where all of striking news about military and terrorist actions comes from.

According to the information provided by UNICEF there are nearly 70,000 children in the Gaza Strip. This organization held a test to evaluate the education level in Palestine region and results were even below expected. According to the latest statistics the percentage of educated people is 30%. This figure is expected to decrease due to the high death rate. Young people that received education die either of hunger or as victims of action. The UNICEF determines two major reasons for the low percentage: lack of supplies and restriction. Palestine is a Muslim country and the cradle of extremist branches of this religion where some sacred laws exist. One of such laws is prohibition fro ladies and girls to get education. According to Koran a woman is a helping hand beside the husband that has to be the head of family, region and state. Women can not exceed men in power and intelligence. Though those who ignore the law are punished and banished if not assassinated, brave women try to get education in order to get the country out of poverty. Lack of supplies is also a problem. To get proper education young individuals need professionals to maintain the process and necessary equipment to work with. The situation in the country is unstable and there is no building in this strip that has not been damaged by the war. People no longer feel secure and confident. To return hope to homes of Palestinians UN and UNICEF provide Palestine with necessary supplies establishing kits of aid.

People of post-industrial countries do not fully realize that the situation that was created in Palestine is related to them to some extent. Ignorant society makes poor peoples angrier and more hopeless. The tragedy is in front of us and we keep silent hiding behind our daily routine. There is nothing a person can do alone but together we are powerful and it is within our power to help and to support. It is within our power to bring hope into the homes of Palestinians.

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