Tuesday, 10 May 2011

religion has the power to socialize and capitalize people's behaviour

Religion is the one of the oldest agencies of socialization and, therefore, can play very considerable role in personal formation as sociable unit. The deep historical roots of religion feature its versatile influence including politics, economy and social life. Religious agencies of socialization are the following: churches, sects, cults and denominations. While churches can cause social changes in large human groups, sects, cults and denominations work with small groups and do not extend their influence beyond is close society.

One of the most felicitous examples of religious agency influence on social change is Islamic Fundamentalism. This movement appears as the resistance reaction to globalization which features Western integration and is considered to be real threat to Islamic religion. The importance of this movement for Islamists lies in significant role of religion in Islamic society and politics.

The globalization is evaluated as Western attempts to eliminate values and norms existed in Central Asian societies. In case of Islamic Fundamentalism values of Asian world were constantly strengthened with growing resistance to accept some of Western values. Such processes evoked more active demonstration of difference between West and Islamic world and encouraged Islamic people to defend their values.

Generally it is human natural feature to defend original values for self-identity, independence and freedom. But for Islamic world it has negative specification: they see the only possible and effective way to defend in war fighting and physical destruction of dissenters. Not just Islamic world bore considerable changes caused by religious movement reinforcement; these changes led to strong and irretrievable changes in American society. First, the destruction of myth of American invulnerability made people change their minds and, as a result, change their values, social roles and even status.

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