Saturday, 12 February 2011

world hunger

why does the world hunger exist till now?
It is well known today that there is enough food in the world to feed the people fulfilled and nourishly but the fact is rather sour because every one out of seven is starving, that is 17% people starving round the world.Starvation is caused by poverty, areas of starvation is mostly in third world. Lack of cultivatable lands,lack of seeds, water, tools etc, Insects, droughts, floods, natural calamities. While war has enough impact on hunger also.Military conflicts between neighbor countries which can destroy complete crop harvest and people will stay hungry till the peace process begin.

People can overcome the calamities if the rich neighbors share a hand but it will collapse if the independence failed and the hungriness will blast the new fire of social unrest.Sociologists urge and hungry people urge don't find a way in the meeting place and to their ears who has enough to feed the poor.

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