Friday, 22 July 2011

money whose property ?

money laundering means some one transact money with out any said government authentication or consent, the world is getting global village entity so the question is whether any government can hold the power to grab the money of any said citizen or foreign public, because he/she earns it from the world or from the said country.

Do patriotism effects now a day, any man who wants to be a political leader or forms government not doing some fake jobs to fool the people or grabbing power does not mean that they needs a lot of money for his loyal people and many time it found that they use business men to pay for them against a big business deal.

democratic practice needs fair job but who don't care about budgeting the campaign so what is the use of saying money laundering, its only restrict human rights and telling the rich guy that you are a scrupulous citizen. 

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

learning the important parts of man

A person acquires learning by using the different senses in his body which are all important in making him understand, expand and retain the information. every  individual has his power and failure also, we are all able to understand, learn and use a piece of information because we put all our learning senses in to use.

We see, hear, smell, feel and even taste a bunch of things in a day. Each day also, we learn new and interesting facts of life. Add interest and focus to it . One may wonder why even with all the information we're able to read through and look in to, remembering or memorizing single information sometimes doesn't seem to work right. It's not because we're too occupied with so many things at once, it's just that, we don't use our senses to convince ourselves that learning can be done simply by utilizing what we already have. despite many difficulties man can learn alternately and safely, and a man is a man because his behavior gets perfection by learning and by trial and error

Take for example when you're looking at an article of a magazine. Your brain may retain details that you see in a glimpse but most likely, these are the ones that only appeal to your attention. Try reading something you haven't read before. On the process of doing this, use your senses so the percentage of retaining the material becomes high.

You can say it out loud. As you do this, listen intently to what you say. Try to imagine the details from the material you read. Imagine the scent, the colors, the sound and even the texture. Try to imagine what you hear according to what you read. Imagine the roughness or smoothness of the objects mentioned; the shapes and sizes. By allowing yourself to take you to the exact scene of what you're reading, you invite impressions of all sorts in to your mind which makes it distinct and even easier to recall.Its man's dignity that by learning he could achieve the finest results out of the scratch.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

use your conscious and subconscious minds

We are motivated by pleasure in life rather than pain.  We know that although we enjoy our bad habits, their consequences are ultimately not beneficial for either our health or life. The desire for instant gratification for short term pleasure is far stronger than any mental logical sense of reason in most cases. We know in our head what we should do, but doing it when it opposes our immediate desires is tough.

Our mind is composed of two parts; the conscious and subconscious mind. Brain activity takes place through neurons. In one second of time the conscious mind uses two thousand neurons, and in that same second the subconscious mind uses four billion neurons. This means that every second there are two thousand neurons making conscious decisions and four billion neurons making subconscious decisions. Which part of your mind has the greatest control do you think?

The subconscious mind is trained by the constant repetition of the beliefs, values and lifestyle that you have taken and lived from an early age. It automatically follows the familiar and well trodden path of well ingrained thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. The subconscious operates from such a well established history that it responds automatically with learned responses and behavior. This is why it is so difficult to create new habits of thoughts and behaviours, the subconscious mind will always try to revert to old familiar way of doing things, because they have become so automatic. The conscious mind has a hard job to make permanent changes because of the power of those four billion neurons. It can be achieved, but it takes hard work by the conscious mind to retrain our subconscious mind.

It is said that you need to do something at least 30 times to create a new habit. For changes in life long learnt behaviors it can take far more than that. For example have you ever got in the car and driven to your destination, and not really remember the journey there. You have been driving using the learned behaviors of your subconscious mind, and your conscious mind has been thinking about something else. However if you were to drive in a different country whose custom is to drive on the other side of the road – your conscious mind would be working very hard to correct the learned and instinctive behavior of your subconscious mind. In fact the whole experience of driving on the other side of the road feels wrong and uncomfortable, and if you lose your concentration you could find yourself automatically going back to familiar patterns and become a road hazard.

Don't expect instant results - it's a process
Plan small attainable steps to your desired goal
Celebrate each successful step towards your goal and work on it until it feels automatic before progressing to the next
Don't give up when you experience relapses and set backs
Review your new steps and goals several times daily.
Visualize what reaching your goal will look and feel like
Write down your steps and goals.
Find people who will support and encourage you on the way.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

death the punishment hated by the worst criminals also

Some people use drugs and arms to be get rich in short time buying these stuffs you also initiate them doing it randomly so question is why justice claim their death as a punishment on the other hand by kicking them from the living world what achievement mankind finds, a safer place, a quiter place, then religion's claim found to be false.

How can a rational believe on the power of prayer

Prayer satisfy our minds but how a rational man can believe that god hear him with out any medium where his address is not clear and why only few people has the previlllage to contact him others are a vulnerable.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

selfishness stated in all religion as a curse

There is to be found in every religion the manifestation of this struggle towards freedom. It is the groundwork of all morality,of unselfishness, which means getting rid of the idea that men are the same as their little body. When we see a man doing good work, helping others, it means that he cannot be confined within the limited circle of "me and mine".

There is no limit to this getting out of selfishness. All the great systems of ethics preach absolute unselfishness as the goal. Supposing this absolute unselfishness can be reached by a man,what becomes of him? He is no more the little Mr. So - and -so; he has acquired infinite expansion. The little personality which he had before is now lost to him for ever; he has become infinite, and the attainment of this infinite expansion is indeed the goal of all religions and of all moral and philosophical teachings. He puts no limit to the unselfishness of man.

Suppose a man becomes perfectly unselfish under the personalistic system, how are we to distinguish him from the perfected ones in other systems? He has become one with the universe,only the poor personalist has not the courage to follow out his own reasoning to its right conclusion. Every selfish action, therefore, retards our reaching the goal, and every unselfish action takes us towards the goal; that is why the only definition that can be given of morality is this: That which is selfish is immoral, and that which is unselfish is moral and I must include that every individual who wants immorality should posses some kind good works to be remembered by all human beings all time so it must be a selfish move.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

acceptence of loss with grace

in religion and in otherwise Asian people is so poor they won't love to loose but human's are very short minded so all the way they will loose something by error but puja and rituals are made to minimize the loses and by the ensure that they hate to lose and talks about the coincidence when the get profit

feelings are always a new born child of nature

Loneliness is the primary feeling when we want to connect with another and the other is unavailable. If you were completely open to your feelings, you would feel moments of loneliness throughout the day. However, most people never feel this feeling and are completely unaware of it, because the moment there is a twinge of emotional pain, they move instantly to various addictions and addictive behaviors, such as substances, activities, thoughts, shame and blame. Yet when we shut out pain, we also shut out joy and a passionate sense of purpose.

Imagine that your feelings are a child within. If you ignore this child – by ignoring your feelings – this child feels abandoned. Our refusal to feel and take responsibility for our own pain is an inner abandonment and results in anxiety, depression, and/or inner emptiness.

It is our child within – our feeling self – that has the blueprint for what has meaning for us, for our passion and purpose. Each of us comes to this planet with a deep purpose to express, and when we don't express this purpose, we end up feeling empty and depressed. Yet we cannot discover this purpose when we keep a lid on our feelings.

Learning to manage the pain of loneliness is essential to discovering your passion and purpose. There is no way of managing loneliness without a deep and personal connection to a spiritual source of love and wisdom. We cannot manage loneliness from our mind alone.

You will find deep meaning in your life when you decide to open to and learn from your feelings of loneliness rather than continue to shut them down. And you will open to these feelings only when you do not feel alone inside due to experiencing the love and wisdom of your spiritual Guidance. Opening to Divine Love and opening to your feelings will bring you the fullness, joy, passion and purpose that are the yearnings of your soul.

live active live tactfully

 Action is a powerful antidote to the stagnation of inactivity. Being creatively alive involves abandoning a position of inaction in circumstances which have traditionally immobilized you. The name of the game is action. Doing. Overcoming your inertia and acting will give you a whole new lease on being creatively alive.

Action is the single most effective antidote to depression, anxiety, stress, fear, worry, guilt, and of course, immobility. It is virtually impossible to be depressed and active at the same time. Even if you wanted to, it is difficult to keep on moping, complaining, lolling around and wallowing in self-pity if you get active and do something. Anything! Just doing is such an important part of being a fully functioning person.

In fact, that lack of action is not a result of depression; it is the cause. Don't be paralyzed by the fear of making a mistake. Taking action, gives you momentum. Initiating the effort attracts opportunities and synergistic things happen.

Inactivity, on one hand, is most often a choice rather than an inescapable fact of life, while action is a definite way to avoid being victimized by yourself or others. If you decide to do something about your problem or challenge, rather than grumble about it, you'll be on the road to changing things around for yourself. When you take action, you also take control. Thinking keeps you a prisoner of the past. Action puts you in control of the future.

This old proverb has a lot of truth in it: Even when you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.